Friday, March 22, 2013

Getting Better

Things are better now. At the risk of jinxing it, I've had a really smooth last 2 or 3 weeks. Nothing to complain about. The workload seems to have evened out, I don't feel like I'm being taken advantage of quite so much, customers have been easier to deal with ... & as a result, I'm easier to deal with.
Maybe a new batch of motivational music for work has helped. For more about that, see my other blog, TAD's Back-Up Plan. Maybe things have lightened-up because it's trying to be Spring around here. A little Sunshine now & then sure does a lot of good. Maybe I just went down as low as I could go & then bounced back up. It's happened before.
Anyway, things are way better. Didn't want to leave things here the way they were before -- it was too much of a downer.
I'll get back to you when I have something new to report. Even if it's just to complain.
BTW, we're holding at $3.85 for a gallon of Regular gas. Hope things are better in your neck of the woods....

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Burned out

With apologies in advance to Mel Brooks:

I'm tired.
Tired of playing the game.
Ain't it a friggin' shame?
I'm so tired.
...But I don't wanna get fired.
Can't you see I'm pooped?

How tired am I of my job? Let me count the ways....
* I'm tired of all my co-workers who don't pull their own weight ... then make me feel guilty when I complain about it.
* I'm tired of doing all the work my co-workers leave for me because they're "too busy."
* I'm tired of all the people who bitch about gas prices, when they know I can't control them.
* I'm tired of all the people who rush the door at 2 minutes to midnight to buy massive quantities of scratch tickets or beer or gas -- and pay for all of it in change.
* I'm tired of all the people who make a $2 purchase and pay for it with a $100 bill ... and then get upset when I don't IMMEDIATELY have change for them. I'm not a bank.
* I'm tired of all the people who want their big bills broken. I'm not a bank.
* I'm tired of all the people who ask me a question and then talk over the top of my answer.
* I'm tired of all the people who interrupt me -- for whatever reason. It's rude as hell. I've even started doing it myself.
* I'm tired of all the people in a hurry who slide their debit cards before they've even told me what they want.
* I'm tired of all the people who complain when their credit or debit cards get declined ... even though anybody who uses their card knows WAY more about how much money they've got in their account than I do.
* I'm tired of drunks.
* I'm tired of drunks trying to cheer me up when I'm having a Bad Night.
* I'm tired of having Bad Nights.
* I'm tired of drunk women telling me I'm sexy -- when they normally wouldn't talk to me any other time.
* I'm tired of drunks and druggies and homeless people taking pity on me when I'm stressed out.
* I'm tired of people begging for money, for enough spare change to buy beer, for enough gas money to get home, offering to pay me back tomorrow or leave their car title with me to prove they'll come back. If you're that broke, why are you out driving?
* I'm tired of people asking if I've ever been held-up. If I'd been held up, I probably wouldn't do this anymore.
* I'm tired of people yelling, screaming, for no good reason, just because they think nobody will call them on it.
* I'm tired of out-of-control people. There are a LOT of them out there these days. People with no boundaries, who want to share their crisis with EVERYONE. Sometimes I think I'm becoming one of them.
* I'm tired of people skulking around, always being up to something, always trying to see how much they can get away with. Even if the economy wasn't in the toilet, there'd be a lot of lowlifes running around.
* I'm tired of everybody wanting something for free, WANTING A BARGAIN, wanting to barter: "I can get this cheaper down the road." So, go there. There's the price, pay it or leave.
* I'm tired of people who park in the parking lot for an hour -- or 2, or 3 -- and then leave. What are they doing out there? Making a drug deal? Gabbing endlessly on their cell phones? Thinking over whether it's worth it to hold me up? It's not. Get outta here, ya make me nervous. Go home.
* I'm tired of people trashing the restroom and not cleaning up after themselves. What the hell are they like at home?
* I'm tired of people who can't put down their cell phone long enough to complete a transaction -- or even tell me what they want.
* I'm tired of the drivers whose cars blow through the parking lot at 30 or 40 miles per hour EVERY DAY. It's a fucking GAS STATION, morons!
* I'm tired of the endless churning hurry, the rush to be somewhere, always running late -- it never stops. No wonder there are so many car wrecks. No wonder so many people are so stressed-out. It's sure as hell not just me.
* I'm tired of all the bullshit.
* I'm tired of complaints -- customers', mine, anyone's.
What does that leave? Well, not much. At least they're still paying me....

Friday, March 1, 2013

Nice while it lasted....

Some nights I REALLY AM The Gas Nazi. I'm sure I was like that for a lot of Wednesday night, when it became obvious that my co-workers were being nice to me & split-up the work to give me a break -- for a week. But as of Wednesday night I was back to Eating Shit again.
Nobody gets it. Everybody else is mostly there just for a paycheck. And I'm back to doing more than my share.
I freaked-out about this for an hour or so -- about how I walked in at 5 p.m. Wednesday and the soda coolers were half-empty and the big beer cooler hadn't been stocked and the soda fountain was COMPLETELY OUT of ice and the restroom was trashed & the restroom garbage-can was stuffed full and the floors looked like crap and....
Basically it looked like nobody had done much in the store since I went home Sunday night.
As usual.
Then I rang-up a customer and after I had him locked-in for his gas purchase, he dumped a pocketful of change on the counter and asked if he could add that to the gas.
And I blew up. And then he blew up at me.
He asked what the hell was wrong with me. He said I was acting like a crazy man.
Which I probably was.
And it was probably a good thing for me to hear.
Since then I've been pretty much down-to-earth. Hearing that flattened me right out, just like hitting a "reset" button. So I didn't go nuts when my afternoon co-worker left Thursday at 6:10 p.m. after not even pricing half of the beer order. I didn't freak-out too much when my boss'es kids came in Thursday night at 12:05 a.m. to fill up their car -- five minutes after I'd made my after-closing Dash To The Restroom.
But I DID freak-out Wednesday night when another of my co-workers came into the store 5 minutes after my boss left and asked me what was wrong. So I TOLD her. And I'm sure that'll get back to the boss, because it's the second time I've yelled at her.
Again, might be time to look for a new job. Last night was WAY better, just because it wasn't my Monday anymore. And tonight should be OK because it's Friday, and they're usually pretty smooth.
I'll keep you posted on whether there will be any repercussions from all this yelling. Possibly there will be. Nobody seems to care what I think as long as I'm not complaining. Nobody cares how much work they leave for me as long as I don't start yelling about it. Some of my co-workers don't even know HALF the things they're supposed to be doing during a shift -- another sign of really solid training.
Anybody out there looking for a decent writer with 15 years of retail sales experience? Twenty years experience with newspaper writing? A real retirement job where I don't feel like I have to go out and re-shingle the roof almost every single day? Please respond below....