Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Book 'em

Thanks to the dozen or so of you Out There who've put up with my absence from this blog over the past few months. THE GAS NAZI!: TEN YEARS IN A CONVENIENCE STORE -- an e-book that recaps the wildest stories I've posted here and adds a TON of outrageous new stories never before published anywhere -- is now available at Amazon.com's Kindle Store for $2.99.
If you've read and enjoyed any of this blog over the past few years, I think you'll like the book.
Among The Nazi's "Greatest Hits" included in the book, you'll find the old man who exploded in the restroom, the guys whose every other word in their conversation was an F-bomb, all my favorite drunks, the store-owner who couldn't stop screaming, all the people who screamed when gas prices went through the roof ... and a whole lot more.
Just go to Amazon.com's Kindle Store and punch-in THE GAS NAZI! or my name -- which is Tracy Deaton -- and the good folks at Amazon should take you to my latest book and my other e-books as well.
I think you'll have a Good Time. I know it's worth at LEAST $2.99. You can even download the first 20 pages of the book for FREE to try it out.

I've written three 190-page e-books since the middle of last August, and I hope to be able to take a little break now. I might even blog here a little more often in the future -- but I'm not sure what I can add that isn't already in the book.
Enjoy. And let me know what you think....