Sunday, March 25, 2012


My roommate came home with some great news on Friday.
"Gas prices are gonna go down!" he said.
Oh really? Why's that?
"Obama just signed that Keystone Pipeline thing."
"That means gas prices are gonna start goin' down! Just watch!"
All the oil that runs through that pipeline -- if it gets built in three to five years -- is heading for China. We'll benefit from the 180,000 jobs to build it, and the oil's supposed to be refined in Texas, but it's all meant for China. That's why the Canadians were talking about routing the pipeline over the Rockies to Vancouver, B.C., if Obama decided to veto the pipeline -- it's all meant to be exported to China.
"Oh. OK. But gas prices are gonna go down, just watch!"
How are gas prices gonna go down?
"Obama's gonna take care of it!"
How? Oil's an internationally traded commodity. You can't control the price. It's all based on supply and demand and speculation. Obama can't control it, nobody can. And how's Obama gonna control it when Exxon/Mobil's making $10 billion every three months? You have CNN on the TV 24/7, don't you remember ANYTHING they say?
"Obama's gonna take care of it, you'll see."
Uh huh.
Saturday morning our price for a gallon of Regular went up another 6 cents, to $4.15. I hope my roommate sees that price sign and chokes.
Our price is now 16 cents higher per gallon than our competition across the street. And people are getting cranky. I've been yelled at twice in the last week just because folks had to come inside the station to get a receipt for their gas. Such inconvenience! How dare we!
And how are things in your little world? Not as expensive, I hope....

Sunday, March 18, 2012

She's real fine my $4.09!

Or, just when you thought it was safe to buy gas.....
After holding at $3.99 for two weeks, on Saturday morning our price for a gallon of Regular rose to $4.09. This after we thought maybe gas prices had stalled or maybe were even going to DROP. We're already higher than our peak price last year -- which was $4.05.
Which just goes to show that RUMORS about gas prices don't matter. The only sure thing is the price that gets posted out front for all our customers to see.
And although I applaud Management for holding at $3.99 since the end of February, I was surprised that the jump over $4 came in a 10-cent-per-gallon leap all at once.... Our price is also 16 cents per gallon higher than our competition across the street.
Other than that, Saturday was good -- lots of people out partying for the St. Patrick's Day holiday, but everybody seemed to be in a really good mood, no drunken craziness, and my choice of fairly-loud rock and roll on the store stereo possibly helped....
I have a feeling there will be more posts coming soon.....
Heard any good politicians' promises to cut gas prices lately? Pretty hilarious, huh?