Monday, May 31, 2010

Welcome to Hell!

Based on my 6-1/2 years of experiences working in a gas station/convenience store, there's a few things I wanna know:
* Why are so many people in such a freakin hurry?
* Why are so many people so freakin rude? (And why do they think it's NORMAL?)
* Why do people think they can negotiate and barter over prices at a convenience store -- something they'd never dare to do at Wal-Mart or Fred Meyer or Albertson's or Safeway?
* Why does everybody yell so much?
* Why do so many people have a hair-trigger temper? (I KNOW why I do -- this JOB did it to me. But what about everybody else?)
* Why do people think if they learn your name you'll give them a break on prices? (Because we're buddies, right?)
* When did it become normal to call total strangers "Bud" or "Buddy" or "Bro"? (As in "You're gonna give me this beer for half-price, right, Bud?" or "You don't care if I'm not of legal age to buy alcohol -- right, Bro?")
* Why is it when you welcome people into your store with an at-least half-hearted "How's it goin'?" they look right through you or don't respond or look the other way?
* What are people afraid of?
* Why are people so WEIRD?
* Why don't people use language to COMMUNICATE CLEARLY?
* Why do people think non-stop yelling will solve their problem?
* Why do people ask questions and then interrupt the answers?
* Why do people interrupt at all? Don't they know how freakin rude that is?
* Why don't people flush the toilet? Do they really expect a total stranger to follow after them and do it for them? Or do they just not give a shit?
...Speaking of shit, that reminds me of some GREAT stories I've GOT to tell ya....
Let's cut off this list of questions for now, since it ain't really very funny, & I'll get back to them later. I'm sure more questions will pop up as we go along.
Oh, and there'll be a pop quiz on this material at a later date....

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