Sunday, February 17, 2013

Every day's a Monday!

Been running my ass off at work this past week. As usual. And it's starting to catch up to me. My co-workers are leaving most of the stuff they don't want to be bothered with to me, trusting that I will clean everything up and make us all look good -- and after 9 years, I'm starting to resent it. It's starting to piss me off.
And sometimes I take it out on customers, which is Not Good.
Every day lately when I've come in to work, EVERYTHING has needed to be done. Coolers haven't been stocked, counters haven't been cleaned off, floors are a mess, the restroom is usually unspeakable, nobody's re-stocked beer, sometimes a dozen bags of ice need to be bagged. I KNOW the folks who work mornings don't do anything before they go home -- I can SEE it when I step into the cooler upon arriving at work.
I can't remember the last time my Manager cleaned the restroom -- and that used to be the one thing she DID do before she went home.
It's true that I have 8 hours at night to get all my work done, and it's true that my shift is usually much less busy than the other shifts during the day.
But I don't think it's right or fair that everything should be left for me to take care of. That allows everyone else to just chat with people and take money and do whatever the minimum requirement is for their shift.
And then I come in and clean up after everybody else.
Maybe I brought this on myself -- maybe this is what I get paid for. But would it kill my co-workers to at least make a 5-minute re-stock run through the cooler before they go home? It would mean less work for me later....
Currently, the folks I take over from at 5 p.m. all do different things during their shifts, some do more work than others. But none of them apparently believe in re-stocking sodas or beer, or cleaning spills up off the floor, or cleaning the coffee counters or the restroom. It could be worse -- at least someone's emptying the outside garbage cans every day. I could have those to do too. As is, it's still usually not 'til after 9 p.m. 'til I can slow down and catch my breath.
I KNOW nobody is applying the pressure but me. But when the place looks like a pigsty and it's half-empty to boot, I gotta keep workin'. And I KNOW I'm the only person stocking sodas and energy drinks and bottled-water and beer -- because I SEE it every time I step into the cooler.
I have TRIED to find things I can skip that aren't an emergency, things that can wait a day or two to get done -- so I let them go, and nobody else does them ... and then I end up doing them anyway before I go home Sunday night for my weekend.
I am already purposely not doing some little things as a minor form of protest. I can't remember the last time I mopped the entire store after closing -- these days I tend to only hit the rough and well-traveled spots before getting out of the building before 1 a.m. under the Owner's "Watch The Overtime" policy.
Y'all may be thinking I take this crap too seriously, that I should lighten up, play more music, find more ways to let the stress roll off. Nobody else is busting their ass around this place to Do Things Right.
And you'd be right.
But you try doing this 5 days a week -- feeling like you're doing EVERYTHING every day, running your ass off -- and see how soon you stress-out.
And of course after I get everything done each night after 9 p.m. or so, then I can heave a big sigh of relief and everything is ALL BETTER.
Until the next night, when I start all over again.
But I still resent it. I'm being taken advantage of. And I know it.
So, a Showdown is probably coming between me and the Manager -- who won't hear me. I can hear her responses now -- "We all work hard, we all do more than our share, if you don't like it you can quit, maybe it's time you found something else to do."
Maybe she's right, but I don't see it. I'm being used, and I know it.
Besides, what other options do I have?
Would more money help? It's been a couple years since my last raise, but I think I'd probably still resent it, even with more money.
Besides, business has been flat since at least Christmas, if not since last June. It's really the wrong time to ask for a raise. If I expect to GET one, that is.
And I think I'm probably topped-out for salary for this kind of work.
Nevertheless, Some Kind Of Discussion is Coming. Soon.
I'll keep you posted. And I'll try not to get fired....

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