Friday, May 25, 2012

$4.24, down from $4.27!

Just in time for the Memorial Day Weekend....
On Thursday afternoon, my boss raised our price for a gallon of Regular gas up 10 cents to $4.27. But he dropped the price 3 cents later Thursday night, so we're now sitting at $4.24.
Could be worse. I heard the national TV news was predicting gas prices might rise from 20 to 50 cents per gallon this weekend. That would be pretty hard to believe -- it's never happened before. And at least we haven't hit $5 per gallon like everyone was predicting....
I don't know how reasonable $4.24 is -- I've heard prices as high as $4.35 quoted in the last week, I just haven't SEEN them.
I'm still not sure what's driving this recent price rise. Oil barrel prices still seem to be dropping, according to the media. My boss might be competing against the newly-opened gas station across the street. Those folks don't seem to be doing that well.
Don't think it's DEMAND, either. We've been pretty steadily busy, lately. We'll see if this Memorial Day breaks any records. I kind of doubt it....
More soon, including the official Second Anniversary of this blog. What will I do to celebrate...?

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